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Thread: Immunization Record Sample

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    Default Immunization Record Sample

    I do not have an immunization CArd. However I intend to take the details for my immunization on a letterhead from my doctor's office in India. I have 2 questions

    1. Will this record/document signed from Doctor suffice the need for immunization card.
    2. Does any one has a format of Immunization document which i can provide to the doctor?


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    Default Me too

    I have doctors appointment on Monday. But I cannot wait 3 days to get all the reports.. Is there a way to get the reports on same day? I would like to bring in some Immunization records from some doctors in India and save some time..

    Can some one send me a format and content it should contain..

    thanks a ton..

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    The immunization card is not important. On the doctor's letter head in India you need to get it written about the Hepatitis B vaccination. There are three doses in one month gap. The date should be written on that letter head (all three dates). Apart from this DT (Tetnus) should also be there. The dates should be back date when you were present in India.

    You need to give those records to the civil surgeon and he will write all those things in for I693 that will be sealed and given to you for the lawyer. You cannot open it. Even if you get that letter head from india, you must have to see the civil surgeon because he has to approve it and fill I693 form for you. So, if you have doctors appointment after 3 days then you cannot bypass it.

    The other thing you can do is, call all the "civil surgeons" (approved by uscis)on monday that are in your area and see if you can get appointment at an earlier date and then see him/her. You can take the fax copy of the doctors letter head in India and tell him that since the records were in india so you had to ask your parents to fax it for ya.

    Hope it helps.

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    Default Post a reply to the thread: Immunization Record Sample

    Hi Sir/mam,

    From where do we find this immunization form for visitor visa

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