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Thread: Is NOC Mandatory for Govt Employees

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    sudhir Guest

    Default Is NOC Mandatory for Govt Employees

    I am planning bring my parent to us . My father is a govt is retired and my mom is a govt servant . Is it mandatory for my mom to get the NOC from her office . Do the counsalate accept any other alternative documnet if NOC can't be produced . Plz share ur experiences & Thanks for the same.


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    SidChan Guest


    I think not only is it required at the consulate, it is also a legal requirement in accordance with the Indian law for a govt. employee travelling abroad to obtain an NOC...
    Your mom should definitely carry one. The consular officer may ask to see evidence of how much leave your mom has got etc.
    Not just for visa but also to be on teh safe side as far as your mom's job in India goes, it is best to get an NOC...
    I don't think it is that difficult to get!

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    rchopra Guest

    Default No Objection Certificate issue

    Did you receive any new information regarding this issue. I have been experiencing this same problem here as well. I have heard that NOC needs to be signed by CHief Minister???

    PLease let me know if you have heard anything on this..

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