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Thread: Help! L1 stamping in canada

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    Question Help! L1 stamping in canada


    My husband is working in Toronto on a valid WP and now we will get a new L1 approval from our employer in the US. Getting an appointment in Toronto is very difficult, so can we go and get our visa stamped in Montreal or Ottawa?

    Kindly advice,

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    YES any US consulate should be OK.
    Note: No Legal Advice.

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    Default can go to any consulate please chk the rules

    Chat User : Can one travel to Canada and return with a valid I-94 from an H1B approval notice? There is no H1B visa stamped on the passport.

    Attorney Murthy : If one is not applying for the visa stamp at the U.S. consulate in Canada, s/he is generally still allowed to travel abroad and reenter the U.S. as long as the trip to Canada or Mexico or one of the other neighboring countries to the U.S. is for 30 days or fewer than 30 days. The only exceptions not allowed to take advantage of the contiguous territory rule are those who belong to certain countries with terrorism problems and who will need visas to enter the U.S.

    Chat User : Can we still go to Canada or Mexico to get the H-1 stamped when going from F-1 to H-1? Thanks in advance.

    Attorney Murthy : A person is allowed to apply for the visa stamp anywhere in the world. Since the law no longer allows one to reenter the U.S. after the visa stamp has been denied in one of the neighboring countries, most people avoid that risk by applying for the visa stamp in their home countries.

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