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Thread: Urgent: How do I know my Alien Registration NUmber

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    Default Urgent: How do I know my Alien Registration NUmber


    I am working H1B in USA on contract for an federal client. Now for security purpose and verification they want to know my Alein Registration Number. I checked on my I797 form, there no Alien Registration No. I know these number start with A#.

    Do I really need Alien Registration No? As I know Alien Registration No is available to green card holder and US Citizen.

    Please advise


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    No u cannot have A#. just fill it as N/A
    Note: Its not a legal advice. Please consult a attorney.

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    Default alien number

    Alien number is available only for Persons applied for Adjustment of status [I-485] , GC holders and Citizens only. Alien number will be also available in I-140 approval notice of the particular person.

    The persons who are in non immigrant visas, then they have to provide SSN or Tax ID number [IRS number] for verification. In the place of Alien number please write it as not applicable.

    Note: This is not a legal advice, please consult an attorney

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