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Thread: H1B restamping issues these days...

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    Question H1B restamping issues these days...

    I overheard that these days (after 13 Feb, Vision company's case in NJ), USCIS has become very strict and even for H1B restamping also, they are doing through background checks on candidates.

    This happened with a guy who went to Canada for restamping but had to stay there for over a month because of restamping issues... and same thing with those going to India for restamping... I dont have any direct friend who faced this, but I keep hearing these news after Feb-2009.

    Is there any person who did H1B restamping in India recently? If yes, please share your experience and tips....

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    Any replies please?

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    Default Any experiences appreciated in this regard....

    I will be going for restamping in India in a couple of months and so any updates in this regard will be highly appreciated...I mean the bad experiences as well as good experiences...

    Thx !

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    I have friends who have recently come back from India after restamping. VO asked about client letter, recent paystubs, employer information...etc but no major grilling.

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    My back ground,

    1) In US from 2000 on H1.
    2) Did not get visa after initial H1 in India.
    3) 140 approved.
    4) went along with wife and son. Son is US citizen.

    The interview was on 17 March at 8.15am. We were out by 8.30am. The VO asked the following questions.

    1) So, You were in US before.
    2) Who is your employer.
    3) How long i am with the present employer.
    3) Who is your clinet. (I was wearing the clinet badge)

    VO did not look at any document or asked for any documents.

    Best of luck.


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    This is true, they have become strict, and scrutinizing every fact, see my experience below

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    It shouldn't be a problem if you are working with a well known and financially strong company. If your employer is a consultant company, then VOs are becoming suspicious.

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