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Thread: DS 160 Form Confirmation Page Reprinting

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    Default DS 160 Form Confirmation Page Reprinting


    I have filled the DS 160 Form and was not connected to printer so could not print the Final Confirmation Page which had the CEAC Bar Code number..

    Is there an option that i can retreive my same data & print the same confirmation page..


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    The only way you can take a print is to upload the saved application and take the print of confirmation page again. However, note that making any changes to your details will result in getting a different bar code. I recommend you confirm this work around with the local VFS.

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    - If you have data saved, you can upload and restart again.
    If not just do a new Application.

    Recommendation for other readers - Make sure keep saving the Data while using this online application, Since USCIS, application server is experiencing problem.
    Note: No Legal Advice.

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