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Thread: change last name in passport/visa after marriage

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    Default change last name in passport/visa after marriage

    Right now I am on H-1B Visa.
    I recently got married and my wife has F-1 (student) visa.
    She has completed her 1 year masters already before marrige.
    I want her to stay on F-1 visa only after marriage.
    We have registered our marriage already in india.

    I want to know,
    1) what is a procedure to change her last name in her passport?
    what documents required and please provide all details.

    2) How can we change her last name inside her student visa?

    Thanks for any help in this matter.

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    1. Contact the local passport office to make any changes in the passport including the last name.
    Their form for amendment, has all the requirement information.
    You will be issued a new passport.

    2. You may want to apply for Fresh new stamping based on new passport.
    Note: No Legal Advice.

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