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Thread: Incorrect surname used in VISA FEES (HDFC) Receipt

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    Default Incorrect surname used in VISA FEES (HDFC) Receipt

    Hello, i am planning to bring my parents to US on a visitor VISA. They just got the VISA fees receipt from HDFC bank. My dad had correct info as per the passport on his visa fees receipt that was recd (Pink & Blue), but unfortuntely due to small confusion, my mother used her dad's name by mistake instead of using family name (surname). Her passport number, DOB and all other info is correct except her surname. What should we do and how do we get this corrected?

    My parents went to VFS office in Chennai and they are saying let the embassy officer know in Chennai or apply for new VISA fees. Please need some suggestions, will this be a problem during the VISA interview? Why cant VFS personnel change the last name as a correction? Will her VISA be affected because of this? I appreciate your suggestions here...

    Thanks much - Pramod

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    Contact VFS, I think this should not be a problem you can still get visa interview appointment with that HDFC receipt since the receipt is against the Passport number and not against the name.
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