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Thread: How to pay to OPT student?

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    Default How to pay to OPT student?


    I formed a new company and I have one student who is on OPT, he started project two weeks back.

    Now, I want to pay him. How do I pay him? I mean can I issue cheque on his name from my company's bank account?

    How much tax to be deducted?

    Since this is the first employee and first time I am paying him, I have some basic questions. Appreciate your help.


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    Is it a contract or employment ??
    As an employee : Person on OPT may not be subject to TAX withholding for Social security and Medicare. Check this with your TAX consultant. You may run payroll from your company account to pay him.
    Note: No Legal Advice.

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    He is my employee. But he is working at client site on a contract of three months....

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