Hello All, I work in E-V-C model. I received an Revocation Notice of my Current H1B ptetion which is valid till Oct 2011. I received a revocation notice from USCIS saying Employee-Employer relation ship does not exists.
They further asked to submit the the proof for following with in 30 days.

1.Copy of relevant contracts between employer and my client.
2.COpy of signed Contractual agreements, SOW,service agreents, letters between employer nad End client where the employee actually work.
3.Copy of position,description,Tool needed to perform the job,whether the emplyer has right to assign duties.
4.A description of performance review process.

The USCIS also specifically mentioned to justify how the employer has the control on the project which the I am working on.

Does any one received this kind of notice? If so, how your employer approched on this?

What are teh chances are favour to me?

Also, I am in the process of applying my new H1 extenion.

Any help would be highly appreciated.Can i cant apply my new H1B simultaneously or do i need to wait till this resolves?