L1A Visa - Special category. EB2 GC filing. Started Labour filing in Sep 2010, got it approved and filed I-140 in March 2011 in Premium filing and got it approved. After 6 months of I-140 approval, my project got over and moved back to India with family.
My PD is Sept 2010 and current PD is May 2010. To apply for 485, what documents are required. I have currently taken a break from work to attend to my family and parents.

1) Can I apply for I-485 in India through my employer and do the finger printing for me and family in India
2) Which American embassies in India offer these services?
3) What is the likely time for 485 approval if filed in India?
4) Do I need to be in US for 485 filing with family as it job related immigration to US.
5) What are the pros and cons of applying 485 in India and USA if the facility is available in India.
6) Can I apply for adjustment of status or my company has to do it? What documents are required from company?

Thanks and Regards