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Thread: Doing work from home for indian empolyer on L2 visa

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    Default Doing work from home for indian empolyer on L2 visa

    My wife is travelling to US on L1 visa. I want to be with her for 3-4 months on L2 visa without applying for EAD. Actually I don't want to leave my present indian job. My company has a policy of Work from home for a longer period and I can get it for 3-4 months. I'll be getting my salary credited in indian bank account. Also I'll be connecting to my company's vpn for the work and will not be visiting any office in US. Is it legal to do so and can I do WFH on L2 visa without EAD?
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    Its not mandatory to apply for EAD when you are on L2. It is only required if you want to work in USA. In your case, as long as you are working for the same Indian company and you are paid in INR, I don't see any issue.

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