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Thread: Whether the visa sponsor liable for visitors unpaid bills?

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    Default Whether the visa sponsor liable for visitors unpaid bills?

    For those offering to sponsor a US visa for their parents, relatives or friends, who are either seeking a visitor visa, legal permanent resident status or are students, here’s some information. The sponsorship document, from I-134 most commonly known as affidavit of support can be legally enforceable. So make sure you provide such document more responsibly.

    What can be the liabilities or situations :
    1. Breech of terms stated in I-134 .If the sponsor either fails to maintain the terms signed in the affidavit of support for the sponsored visa person. Or the sponsored person becomes public charge while in the US.
    2. Unpaid bills for service taken by the sponsored person. Example Unpaid medical and hospital bills. Whether or not you have signed any separate documents with the service provider. The sponsor has a risk of being sued.

    read complete article here:

    US Visa sponsors liabilities: Whether the visa sponsor liable for visitor’s unpaid bills?
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