I will give you an example: Let us say my father's name is ABC XYZ. In my current Indian passport it is given as ACB XYZ.

I came to US in L1B visa and I filled up my father's name in DS-160 form as it is in my Indian passport (i.e., ACB XYZ). Now my Indian passport will expire in next few months but i have valid visa which will expire after two years.

I am planning to renew my Indian passport from Indian consulate in US and also at the same time i am planning to correct my father's name in the renewed passport. In this scenario i have the following question:

1. Do i need to inform the USCIS once I get my new passport with father's name corrected?
2. In future if i need to apply for extension of my visa or dependent visa or Green Card will there be any problem due to the change in my father's name from my old passport to my new passport?