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Thread: Need help - Name inclusion in birth certificate

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    We are planning to file our GC in Feb 2013, by Eb1a process as my husband is a researcher.I have an issue with my birth certificate.I am born in chennai,India and I am able to print my birth certificate online form the chennai corporation website.But i recently found there is no name in it. But there is a column saying rectify where we would be able to add our name and change any mistakes, but it can be approved only after thorough analysis by them.(Have anyone corrected any mistakes in BC in chennai corp website online and how long did it take for them to rectify?)
    So if i would be able to add my name like that,
    1.Can i submit the print out of my corrected online Birth Certificate for GC process or I would need a hard copy from the corporation with my name included.
    2.Do i need affidavits from my parents if i add my name now,(as it would be a complete birth certificate without any problem) also in BC it will show this month date and year.
    Could anyone guide me what i can do with this issue.I appreciate your help.
    Note:We actually use initials before names, even in all my school certificates i have like that, but I am thinking to add my expanded name (Surname and given name) in BC as it is in the passport to avoid any RFE.
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