Hello Visa Journey Members
I am new user of this website. My wife has applied for my CR-1 visa and her aunt is joint sponsor in our case. I want to ask following questions regarding affidavit of support and its attachments:
1- My wife’s aunt is sponsoring me as her income is much above than poverty guide lines, she is married & file tax jointly with her husband. She told us that if her income is much above than poverty guide lines then there is no need to include her husband to sponsor me by filing the form I-864A. Does NVC can ask us to submit form I-864A filled by her husband or not?
2- Other question is that Federal Income Tax Return and W2 for most recent year i.e 2015 are enough or not as written in I-864 instructions. Do we have to provide Federal Income Tax Returns and W2 for the year 2014 and 2013 as well?
3- Aunt has no IRS Tax Transcript but Federal Income Tax Return and W2 of the year 2015. Does it is necessary to attach IRS Transcripts or Federal Income Tax Return and W2 are enough?
4- Is it necessary to attach pay stubs for year 2015 or not?
5- My wife was not in USA in year 2013 & didn’t file tax return for the year 2013 what should we have to write in I-864 in Part 6 -> 19.C “Total income zero” or should my wife has to write she was not in USA in 2013.
6- My wife has two years daughter from her Ex Pakistani Husband who died in 2013. Now her daughter is living with her grandparents in USA and dependent on her grandfather as my wife is with me in Pakistan. Does my wife has to include her daughter in sponsor’s house hold size as she is dependent on her grandfather?
Please answer me all above questions one by one.