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Thread: B2 - Sponsor related question & corresponding DS-160 field - pls help

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    Default B2 - Sponsor related question & corresponding DS-160 field - pls help

    I and my spouse are applying for B2 visa for 3 weeks during this year end.

    I intend to sponsor for my international air tickets. My relative (brother-in-law) in USA would also sponsor for my stay in US which includes, local travel/tourism to different places (such as San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas), food, medical insurance.

    I have funds of about $7000 that I can show in my bank balance. My relative can also sponsor and provide the documentation accordingly.

    What should I select in the DS-160? Self Sponsored or Other Person? in this case? because I cannot select both, which one would be better to select (self or other person)? How would I convince the VO if I select one of them without contradiction?

    Is $7000 sufficient for two people for 3 weeks (which includes 1-1.5 week stay at my relative's place) covering international air tickets, and other tourism costs in USA?

    Appreciate quick response and help!!
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