Hi All,

Currently working with Organization A (India). My H1-B was filled by Organization B ( US Organization) and H1-B VISA has approved and Stamping was done with Petitioner 'B'. I have not traveled to US yet. i am willing to travel from Organization 'A' instead of 'B'.

Please help on below Questions.

1. Can i change the Petitioner now ? ( if Yes, Please answer below Questions)

2. If Yes, which Process need to be followed.

3. If Yes, can it be done without intimating Petitioner A.

4. How Risk this Process is ( Transfer of Petitioner before entering US ) ?

5. Do i need to re-attend VISA Interview for Petitioner Change.

6. what can Petitioner B ( US Organization) can take action if he knows i am planning to change the Petitioner.

7. Will be any Issue at Port of Entry ?

Thanks a Lot in Advance if you help me on this on Prority.