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These are Just a Few...

I am extremely happy with the service path2usa provided w.r.t (with regards to) the Visitor Health Insurance Policy that I purchased via their website.

There is so much personal commitment that some representatives provide, that I was very surprised. Their communication channels respond instantly. They give information, suggestions and work out issues with you. 24-hr service is truly 24-hrs service.

Special mention about Ali and Rajeev who helped me out a lot.

Varu Nandgiri

I know this is late but a bunch of thanks from my side.
It so happened that in Dec my mom got heart attack and she was admitted to the hospital for emergency.

She did have medical insurance ( although not bought from Path2usa) but I was not sure what to do.

I posted a message on this forum for the senior user Murali. Not only did he returned my call but comforted me and told me the things I needed to do.

I was really relieved after I talked to him. I know this might sound cliche but I really appreciate Murali for doing this even though when I did not know him.

Thanks Murali and keep up the good work.

Ajay Phadnis
Atlanta, GA

This mail is to thank you for the excellent service provided to me in a quick and more-than-satisfactory resolution of my large outstanding claims with SRI International . Thanks to your intervention and clarifications you provided them , the claims that had been pending for more than 6 months were settled in a matter of weeks. Its been a pleasure doing business with you and I am sure I will return as a happy customer each time I need visitor's insurance for my visiting relatives.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Raghavan Srinivas
Sunnyvale, CA

These are just a few Testimonials. All these are genuine feedback and due to privacy concerns for the customers we have not posted their personal details.

If you have used our services and would like to give us feedback please do so. We are always looking for ways to improve our services and it's always great to hear if a customer appreciates our existing efforts to make purchasing travel insurance as seamless as possible.
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