Health Insurance for Visiting USA

Why is Health Insurance Important When Traveling to The USA

The United States is one of the most popular destinations for travelers around the world. Enjoying your travels is important and requires having peace of mind. While it may be popular, the US also has the most expensive medical costs attached to it. Ensuring that you have the security you need to freely experiment with a new country like the US and its culture means first getting a health medical insurance.

Should an unforeseen mishap or illness occur and you are in need of medical attention, you will be faced with a huge financial responsibility. Without adequate travel medical insurance this could be an expensive liability. As quoted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), travel medical insurance can reduce the cost attached to a medical emergency" and reduce the financial burden on travelers" by providing access to quality care and financial help if the unexpected occurs as you travel the country.

In several instances, when getting a tourist visa to the US, which is a non-immigrant visa, you may have to provide supporting evidence at the port of entry, indicating that you are able to pay for return travel, and any unforeseen medical costs in the US. Having a travel medical insurance like Cover America helps reflect these requirements as it also gives access to a visa letter which can serve as proof of work visa health insurance.

What Type of Coverage Will You Need?

Travel medical insurance policies are of many types and there is a perfect fit for each of the circumstances that a traveler may encounter during his travel to the US. Buying a policy depends upon several factors like the duration of your trip, age of the traveler as well as the kind of activities that the traveler intends to participate in while here in the US.

Depending upon his physical condition and the pre-existing conditions he may have, he will make his choice from the following types -

  • Comprehensive Plan - while ones domestic health insurance policy covers only in the home-country, they will not cover medical costs when in the US. Given that the travelers is solely responsible for his own medical expenses when in the US, only a comprehensive travel medical insurance will fulfil this requirement when traveling into the US.
  • Limited Plan: While this plan does provide coverage it is limited to certain predefined clause of some fixed amount of charges. A limited plan is inexpensive compare to most other plans and lets you visit any doctor but based on some specific clauses.
  • Trip Activities: Being on a trip to the US means having fun, partaking in adventures and doing something memorable. If your trip covers adventure sports or amusement parks, it also comes with a minimum amount of risk involved. While we are all for some excitement, having an insurance plan that covers these allows you to indulge in them with a peace of mind.
  • Evacuation Coverage: If for whatever reason, you have to be evacuated from wherever you are due to a natural calamity you will be taken care of if you have a medical insurance that covers evacuations.

Why is Travel Health Insurance Most Important for Seniors like Parents?

Per statistics from, medical costs within the US for a straightforward three-day hospital stay could range anywhere from $28,000 to $35,000. This is the last thing an elderly traveler should have to worry about during his visit to the US.

The following are some reasons travel medical insurance is considered a must have for senior visitors to the US-

  • Pre-existing Conditions: Peace of mind is an essential part of having older parents come visit their children in the US. Covering for unforeseen circumstances is the way to go and getting a travel medical insurance policy before they start on their journey is the prudent thing to do.
  • Falling sick: An unfortunate element of being elderly is the high chance of falling ill. Although not always a happening feature, being covered for sickness is making sure you have the required support in the form of medical insurance. Be it a pre-existing condition, or an unforeseen illness, travel medical insurance can cover for both.
  • Flight cancellations: One of the most disappointing things to happen during a trip is the cancellation of a flight. Instead of running helter-skelter trying to figure out the next steps, in a foreign location or an intermediate airport, a senior traveler can rely on a good health insurance plan that will have tickets for a return flight already taken care of.

What Are the Best Travel Health Insurance Plans?

You need to make your choice based on factors that are most relevant to you. While these plans have both comprehensive as well as limited coverage, your choice should be made depending upon your personal requirement. While some offer coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions (CoverAmerica - Gold & Patriot America Plus), others have limited coverage for pre-existing conditions. Either way, opting for one of the top three international health insurance plans will give you the peace of mind you need to make your travels stress-free as well as memorable.

  • Cover America Gold: Ranked as one of the most popular travel medical insurance, Cover America Gold has a multitude of favorable features. These include unique coverage like that of the loss of a passport, international missed flights, border entry protection and return flight to home country if the trip is cut short due to medical reasons. Cover America Gold has the added advantage of having up to $125,000 available, should there be an acute onset of pre-existing conditions. This also leads up to the next major bonus of having an urgent care consultation copay of just $20-$25. Lastly, if the insured person buys a policy for at least 30 days, he is eligible for a free Public Health Emergency Screening even when a travel warning is in place for the country of destination.
  • Patriot America Plus: This plan has a 100% coverage up to the policy maximum outside the US and covers international travel. If you are looking to have insurance coverage within a PPO network and also want a comprehensive plan, the Patriot America Plus which covers a time frame anywhere between five days to 365 days of your travel is your answer to the most suitable travel medical insurance.
  • Choice America: For a basic travel medical insurance that allows you to visit any doctor or hospital, Choice America is you best option. It is low cost and has a predefined limit for each medical service that takes out the guesswork out of the equation. It also covers for Covid-19 treatment and flu shots in the US. Although this plan is not available to US citizens or residents, it does cover amusement parks and cruises in both North and South America.