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Pre-Existing Conditions for Visitors to the U.S.

A pre-existing condition is defined as any existing medical problem that an individual is already suffering from or experiencing prior to purchasing a visitors' insurance plan.

Irrespective of whether a person is aware or not, if a physician or the medical results reveal that the particular problem is not something new, the travel insurance company will categorize it as a pre-existing condition. It is important to keep in mind that no travel medical insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions and it is entirely up to the doctor's discretion to diagnose the problem as such.

You may ask: "If pre-existing conditions are not covered, why buy visitors insurance?" Theoretically, the basic idea behind any insurance is to cover any unexpected or unknown risks that could arise during your travels but insurance companies do not want to put themselves into a situation where knowingly, they have to pay more to cover existing problems. Think of it this way: if you don't have auto insurance, and you get into an automobile accident, you cannot buy an auto insurance policy later that will cover the damages from the accident after the fact. Does this mean that people should not buy auto insurance? Of course not, auto insurance is obviously still worth purchasing as a precaution for any future accidents that may occur. Similarly, not all health issues are due to pre-existing conditions. So, surely it is also very important to protect yourself from any possible accidents and emergencies that may happen to you in the future. Having said that, purchasing a travel medical insurance policy can not only give you peace of mind, but protect your health and your finances as well.

Visitors with pre-existing conditions: what do you do next.

The most common pre-existing conditions are high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and cancer. Though people with these conditions can be in a healthy, stable condition, they may be dependent on medicines, insulin, or regular checkups.

While it is true that, pre-existing conditions might not be covered under travel medical insurance, there are certain ways you can prevent/control any mishaps caused by your pre-existing condition by taking certain precautions during your travels:

  • Purchase a travel medical insurance plan with adequate overall coverage as well as coverage for an acute onset of pre-existing condition. An acute onset of a pre-existing condition is defined as a sudden and unexpected recurrence of a pre-existing condition. Although the diagnosis of this is always up to the doctor's discretion at the time of visit, coverage for this could still provide you with a safety-net for your pre-existing condition should any issues arise. To learn more, see: Plans that Cover Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Although it is not required to purchase visitors' insurance, it is recommended that you have a thorough medical checkup before you travel to the USA. This will be very useful in identifying any hidden medical issues. It will also give you peace of mind during your travels
  • Carry a sufficient amount of medicine from your home country. Be sure to plan ahead in case your flight is delayed. It is recommended that you bring two weeks of extra medication and supplies. In some cases, you can even get your medicines from your home country via regular mail (This excludes any controlled drugs).
  • For those with high-blood pressure and/or diabetes: Consider buying self-measuring equipment . These devices don’t tend to be overly expensive, but will be very useful for home use. They can often be purchased from any local electronics shops or on the internet.
  • Pay attention to your eating habits, walk/exercise, make new friends, and keep measuring your blood pressure and sugar on a regular basis.
  • For children who are hosts: Do not make hectic travel plans. Make sure you ask your parents from time to time if they are okay and comfortable. Parents should not be offended to take instructions from your children or the younger generation; especially when it is for your own well-being and safety.

For travelers with Diabetes:

Pre Existing Condition VisitorsCoverage
  • Pre-Existing Conditions travel medical insurance - Checkout these plans have come limited benefits and coverage for pre existing conditions.
Click here for details

I am sure if you follow these, you will have a better control on your health problems and have a pleasant travel and stay in USA.

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