One among the most rapidly growing professional fields lies computer development and programming. In order to acquire skills for this industry and to succeed, getting a college education and a higher degree is quite favored. Given how competitive it is, penetrating this field is not an easy feat. Higher grades, better extra-curricular skill-sets and analytical bend of mind is the least of the requirements. But even if you have managed to reach the top of the line, where do you apply to if you are looking for the best Computer Science Colleges? To help you evaluate we have ranked the top five the Computer Science Colleges for you.

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How to Pick a US College

The United States of America attracts scores of international students every year because of the many highly ranked educational institutions it hosts. Among the globally ranked Computer Science colleges, the top five are in the US itself. Below is an outline of the five best Computer Science Colleges in the US –

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Ranked at the top of its field, MIT has the most sought after computer science program internationally speaking. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT graduates are roped in by big companies like Google, Amazon, Goldman Sachs and Apple. They take pride in having more than 250 full time Professors known to be the best in the field and over 1,500 international students graduating each year.

  • Stanford
  • Located in the town of Stanford in California, Stanford University is one of the world's leading research universities and boasts of several departments of merit. Apart from world renowned faculty, Stanford also has Nobel laureates who engage with engineering and computer science students. The computer science program offered by Stanford University has consistently ranked at No. 2 each year and continues to provide top-notch education. Its proximity to tech haven Silicon Valley allows students to get first-hand experience at the prominent tech companies within the Silicon Valley.

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  • Carnegie Melon
  • Situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon founded one of the first computer science schools in the world. Popular among women, Carnegie Mellon stands as a leading institution for women in computer science. With over 90% student graduates from Carnegie Melon getting recruited by major companies like Google, IBM and GE, the computer engineering program at Carnegie Melon is high in demand. Graduates can expect competitive compensation in the range of $60,000 to $90,000 as base salary plus additional perks. 

  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Consistently ranked at the top for different engineering courses, being in California and close to the Silicon hub, the computer science department at UC Berkley is the recipient of several awards and honors, both national and international. Ranked at the top for its computer theory, programming languages and computer systems, UC Berkley also has faculty who rank among the top 100 most-cited computer science scholars in the world.

  • University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
  • With over 22% students coming internationally, Urbana Champaign offers a popular computer engineering program to foreign students. One of the more affordable colleges for computer engineering, international students graduate with minimal debt. Also, an important factor to consider is that the university assists in ensuring that every student graduates in a timely manner and once graduated, engineering students receive an average of two job offers apiece and earn about 11% more than other engineering undergrads around the country.

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