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Inbound USA Insurance is a basic, low-cost, affordable travel insurance for visitors traveling to USA or provide coverage while in the USA. It is essentially a USA only plan and offers very limited and restrictive International travel coverage.


Inbound USA insurance Plan covers the visitors who are traveling to USA and provide coverage while in the USA.

Plan Highlights Plan

For anyone looking for a low-cost insurance plan for travelers coming into the US, Inbound USA is the go-to choice. This plan providing basic coverage and pays fixed amount per incident up to policy maximum. It is renewable and cancellable and can cover from 5 to 364 days. It is especially popular among tourists coming in from India to the US for short visits. Another feature while being low cost is that it pays Per incident coverage.

How Does Inbound USA Work?

Inbound USA is a fixed dollar based limited coverage plan. The policy maximum is just the outer limit, but there are limits to every service or treatment also. The plan pays a pre-defined fixed dollar amount for every service or treatment. For international coverage, once you satisfy accumulated medical expenses until your deductible is met the insurance then pays fixed amount per eligible medical service as outlined in the plan, up to the policy maximum. To see a full list of benefits, visit the Inbound USA Plan Details Page


Inbound USA is suitable for most travelers and non-US citizens traveling to the US. To learn specific details regarding eligibility and limitations, speak with a travel insurance consultant at VisitorsCoverage.

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