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Liaison Travel Plus insurance plan provides coverage for travel insurance as well as emergency services. While US citizens living abroad are not eligible for this plan even if they are planning to visit the US, it does apply to US residents and non-US residents who might be traveling outside their home country.
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Offered by Seven Corners, Liaison Travel Plus has the much sought after coverage for Covid -19. This plan also has the option for adventure sports rider which is a unique benefit. The plan can be renewed for just $5 for up to 364 days.

Plan Highlights

  • Rated excellent by AM Best
  • Comprehensive insurance medical coverage
  • Offers coverage for acute onset of pre-existing medical conditions
  • Applicable to US & non-US residents traveling outside their home country
  • Cancellable and renewable
  • Offers international coverage

Noticeable Features

  • Covers Covid-19 as any other medical illness
  • Has an extensive PPO network coverage that includes a wide range of doctors and hospitals in the USA
  • $0 deductible option available for ages 65-79 & 80+ years
  • Benefit of having Telehealth
  • With the international coverage option, the plan pays 100% up to policy maximum for all covered services outside the US and Canada. Deductible should always be met first.


  • Plan pays based on a percentage of the medical bill
  • Comparatively more expensive than other plans under the same category
  • Offers coverage only for those under the age of 74; senior buyers have to explore other plans

A Great Plan With COVID-19 Coverage

Liaison Travel Plus insurance plan is a percentage based plan. Once the policy is purchased and mad effective on the said date, it covers any unexpected sickness and injury. It treats Covid-19 as any other eligible medical condition and is the need of the hour today.

Moreover, this plan has the added advantage of providing coverage for acute onset of pre-existing medical condition that is a very effective option for senior parents visiting the US from their home country.

The convenience of being able to renew Liaison Travel Plus insurance plan for a mere $5 for a whole 364 days and have the plan pay 90% for the first $5,000 and then 100% up to policy maximum for all services makes Liaison Travel Plus a popular choice among Non-US residents.

If this insurance plan is right for you, you can buy Liaison Travel Plus insurance here. You will need the following available on hand before making a purchase:

  • Passport number of the insured
  • Date of birth of the insured
  • A valid credit card

For more detailed information on this plan, please review the Liaison Travel Plus policy brochure.


Liaison Travel Plus

Comprehensive Coverage Plan

Plan Highlights

  • Rated “A” Plan
  • Up to 90% Coverage in Network after deductible
  • PPO Network
  • Renewable & Cancellable
  • Medical Coverage During International Travel
  • Coverage for Acute Onset of Pre-existing Conditions

Liaison Travel Plus Claims Process: How To File A Claim

Filing a claim for a Liaison Travel Plus insurance plan is straightforward and quick. Doing the relevant paperwork and sending it in a timely manner (usually within 90 days from the date of medical service received) always ensures a smooth process.

The following simple steps are to be followed to file a claim:

Download claims form

Attach the following documents

  • Completed claims form
  • Copy of the insured passport
  • Copies of all medical receipts
  • Copies of all bills and itemized services
  • Cover letter with brief information about the insured, his illness and his treatment


Once the completed claims form is received by the insurance company – Seven Corners – they will evaluate all documents, and the claims department verifies the information to make the appropriate payment as determined by your chosen insurance policy.

Contact Information

You can contact Liaison Travel Plus Insurance via

  • Mail: Att. Claims Department,303 Congressional Boulevard, Carmel, IN 46032
  • Fax:317-575-2256
  • Call: 800-335-0477 or 317-575-2656
  • Email: [email protected]

Liaison Travel Plus Customer Reviews

  • AM Best Rating: A (Excellent)
  • Excellent customer feedback and reviews
  • Covers 90% up to policy maximum within PPO network
  • Renewable up to 364 days
  • Offers international coverage
  • Best suitable for:US & Non-US Citizens traveling outside their home country

For more detailed information of the Liaison Travel Plus insurance experience, see what the ratings and reviews have to say.

How To Buy Liaison Travel Plus Insurance Plan

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