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Limited Coverage PlansComprehensive (PPO Type) Plans

Provides basic medical coverage, may suitable for limited budgets. Your liabilities or risk can be more depending on the kind of Medical Services you may end up taking.
Low premium Less Benefits.

Provides greater coverage and higher benefits. Insurance company takes maximum risk and your liability is less.
Higher premium Higher benefits.

Benefits & Coverage Less benefits. Provides only basic medical coverage.More. Provides greater benefits.
Benefit paid Pre defined amount basis. Pre defined rate can be seen in Rate tables in plan brochure. Example : Per Doctor visit Plan pays 55$ only. If the actual bill is more, you pay the remaining balance. Percentage basis; Co-insurance basis. For example : plan pays 80% or 90% for first $5,000 , after that plan pays 100%.
Cost / Premium Low premium. Little more, as compare to Limited plans
Travel / International Coverage No ( will not covers during international travel). Coverage only within USA. Yes (Most of these covers during your International Travel )
Out of Pocket limit (Your Liability /Risk) More ( You may end up paying more) Less ( Insurance company covers most of it).
Choices of maximum coverage amount LimitedGreater ( up to 1 million)
Choices of Deductible LimitedMore
PPO Network NoYes ( Means better/fast claim process, Negotiated billing rates)
Deductible Per Incident basis. Only once. (Annual)
Policy Life 5 days to 12 months maximum.5 days to 3 years.
Read Is this type of plan good for me? Is this type of plan good for me?

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Did You Know

Most Travelers Prefer Comprehensive Coverage Plans Because It Offers Better Protection


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