Why Path2usa ?

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Why Path2usa ?
  • We know your needs.
    Not every provider or company is same; we know what you need and what kind of plan is most suitable for you. We are different from or competition when it comes to our Experience, Knowledge and Service.
    Over 80,000+ satisfied customers, 6 yrs of service record and counting.
  • Insurance related service providers on this website are authorized licensed Insurance agents.
  • Lowest Rates Guaranteed !
    The rates you get here are the same as those offered by other insurance agents, brokers or by the provider.
    No one else can offer you lower premium for the same plans on this site.
  • Unlike others, Path2usa.com provides you unique and authentic information, knowledge and all the necessary tools to understand, compare and select the right plan. Value for Money !
    You can’t find such wealth of information any where else on the Net.
  • All plans can be bought Online, secure transaction, NO PaperWork, get Instant ID. Ready to use.
  • List only well known and A rated plans.
  • Compare all major plans side by side, help you select the best plan for your need.
  • Experts are always available to help you, whether its answering your questions or assisting to file your claim.
  • Customer Satisfaction is important : Our philosophy is to work on behalf of our clients and not on behalf of the insurance company. We try to excel in customer service and improve it regularly.
  • And we take that extra mile ahead when it comes to Service.” We are there when you need us: Even if you have not bought insurance from path2usa, but need help or advise on handling your Visitor Health Insurance related matter, we can help. Feel free to contact us any time.
    Now thats called A true service

You can always trust Path2usa.com for its customers oriented services.
Millions trust Path2usa.com so can you !


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