US Visitors Visa for Young, Accompanied & Unmarried

US Visitors Visa for Young, Accompanied & Unmarried

The B2 US visitor’s visa is generally granted to everyone. However, clarity and transparency is key. Should the consular officer have any reason to suspect anything besides a temporary visit to the United States, he would reject the application for a visitor’s visa. A cause for suspicion is especially rife in the case of young and/or unmarried applicants. This is because it is harder for a younger visitor to prove his intentions to return to his parent country than it is for an older, well established applicant.

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There are several ways that a young applicant can improve his chances of getting a B2 visitor’s visa. Please note - These are just guidelines and not a guarantee of getting a visa approved. However, having evidentiary documents that show your ties to the home country are most helpful –

  • If travelling with accompanying elders, parents, then apply for visa together.
  • Bring documents that show relationship status. Pictures of fiancé, spouse or other close family members staying behind in your parent country.
  • Employed applicants could submit copies of pay stubs, tax-return papers or even a copy of the leave application you may have that depicts your intention to return to your job once the trip is over.
  • Students can show copies of the student identification, notes from the school/department explaining absence during the trip period and class schedules reflecting oncoming exams in the future.
  • Other articles of proof of your ties with the parent nation like property ownership papers, utility bills, bank statements and taxation papers.
  • Return tickets and itinerary should be produced for the visa interview to show intent to return.
  • Lastly, if this is not your first attempt at acquiring a visa, be truthful about the reasons it was rejected the first time. Also, be direct about why you are applying again. Any falsifications will be recorded and besides being rejected this one time, all future attempts will be denied.
For more information, follow the process of acquiring a B2 US visitor’s visa and follow step-by-step directions there.