About Path2usa

About Path2usa

Path2USA helps keep this American dream alive by partnering with every immigrant that wants a life in the US.

No matter where you are in the world, coming to the US is a potent desire for every immigrant. Whether it is familiarizing oneself with visa rules and regulations, or knowing how to establish himself within the US system, Path2USA strives to answer every question along his immigration journey.

Our Mission

Since Yr. 2000, Path2USA has continued to cater to every question pertaining to US immigration and play a significant role in every immigrant’s journey to fulfil his desires for the best that this country has to offer. Having gained his confidence since then, Path2USA offers the complete package and is a one-stop site covering the entire gamut of immigration-related news, guides and solutions.

Our Essence

Rich in informative content ranging from visa guides to prepping for the US visa interview and educating oneself over the financial responsibilities of a NRI to understanding the US schooling system, Path2USA has been helping over half a million immigrants each month. Its primary audience base covers the top 1% of the US immigrant population and caters to the most ambitious diaspora this country has seen.

Our Promise

Having earned his trust and confidence for the past eighteen years, we will continue to play a significant role in an immigrant’s journey and hold his hands as he plans and establishes his life as an immigrant in the US. With changing times and as the US immigration system gets further streamlined, Path2USA is continually evolving to make sure that you have up-to-date information that will help you navigate the US immigration system.
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