This sample of affidavit of assurance to return may be presented as a supporting document as a commitment to come back after the trip is over. Mostly useful for Visitor /Tourist visa applicants.


[I / We] (Applicant/s) Full name/s, residing at [ full address] being duly sworn, hereby affirm and state that :

I /We would be visiting USA to visit my son/daughter/relative to spend some quality family time and visit tourist places. My son/daughter/relative is sponsoring this short trip.

[I /We have our Job/business to get back to.
Old Parents staying with me/ us to take care of
, unmarried son/daughter dependent on me /us
XYZ bindings to take care] – Put the details appropriately in effective wordings.

I / We are committed to come back within the legal stay granted by authorities.

"Father/applicant Full Name/s"

"Mother's/applicant Full Name/s"

Sworn before me
this --------- Day of (Month), Year


Disclaimer: This sample is provided for your convenience and reference purpose only.