5 Most Sought-after Jobs for Indians in the USA

The United States is one of the most revered countries for Indian students to study and to pursue job opportunities. Students choose to save up, apply for scholarships and take countless entrance tests like the GRE, GMAT, IELTS, etc. in order to secure admission in good colleges across the country. That being said, students invest this amount of money and time to eventually find jobs and settle in the continent. 

There are about 200,000 Indian students studying in the USA, and generally, the fields that they choose include IT, Healthcare, Engineering, and Management, so you can find a plethora of jobs in these industries in the USA. 

Below, we’ve listed the most sought-after jobs for Indians in the USA and why they are popular choices among Indian immigrants.

IT Professionals

Indians are known to have a strong background in technology and software development, given that the Indian education system is geared towards technical education, focusing on specialized programs in computer science, AI, ML and information technology. This robust technical background produces a large pool of skilled IT professionals, making them well suited for roles in the IT sector. Indians are also well reputed for excelling in technical fields like software development, programming, and IT infrastructure, and students are well equipped with necessary knowledge and skills for IT careers. The common job roles in the IT sector include software engineers, developers, data analysts, or cybersecurity specialists.

Healthcare Professionals

India’s presence in the healthcare industry has been very significant and long standing. There are many Indian doctors, nurses, pharmacists and medical experts who have made notable contributions to the field, and continue to do so. India is reputed for producing highly skilled healthcare professionals who are recognized globally for their dedication, expertise and quality of care.In this continuously evolving and growing field, Indians tend to find lucrative job offers as they come with strong medical training and education. Healthcare as a field draws in many Indians under the idea of contribution to society, making a difference for patients and helping others. Those who have the means to study medicine abroad do so as the salaries are high, the scope for professional growth is high, and there is an exposure to different healthcare systems and resources, ones that might not be available in India. The USA faces a shortage of doctors and professionals, so you will find a good percentage of Indian students filling in those gaps. 

Engineering Professionals

Indian engineers are known for their contribution in various industries including manufacturing, technology, and infrastructure. The USA is home to some of the best engineering colleges and courses, and they provide cutting edge programs, with state of the art facilities and renowned faculty, attracting students from all across the world, especially India. India is also the hub of engineering, and is home to around 15 lakh engineers produced every year. The simple reason behind engineering being so famous in India is the fact that it is an extremely diverse field and it provides stable jobs with lucrative income after graduation. The USA also has abundant job opportunities and research opportunities for Indian students, with high career growth prospects and opportunities for conducting advanced research.

Management Professionals

Indians are known to bring  strong analytical and leadership skills to management positions in various sectors including business management, consulting, project management, and marketing. Studying management and business in the USA provides Indian students with a global perspective on management practices, and what helps is that the USA is home to startups, research labs, and MNCs, giving Indian students the opportunity to learn from and network with professionals and faculty from all around the world. Indian students are also known to have an entrepreneurial spirit and many of them get the chance to access venture capital, and set up successful startups. Common jobs in the management field include business analyst, marketing manager, sales rep, supply chain manager, etc.

Finance Professionals

Indians are very well-represented in the finance and accounting sectors. They often work as accountants, financial analysts, investment bankers, or actuaries, leveraging their skills in finance and mathematics. The USA is a global financial hub, with major financial centers such as New York and Chicago. Indian students aspiring to work in finance are attracted to the opportunities available in these cities, which are home to prestigious financial institutions, investment banks, and asset management firms. American universities and business schools offer world-class finance programs that are highly regarded globally. The USA offers a wide range of career opportunities in finance. Indian students studying finance in the USA can gain exposure to diverse sectors such as investment banking, corporate finance, risk management, and financial consulting. The country’s robust economy and large financial industry provide ample job prospects for graduates.

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