Coronavirus Travel: European Union Bans US Travelers

Starting tomorrow, July 1, 2020 the European Union (EU) is going to permit travelers from 15 countries to enter the EU but exclude travelers from the United States, India, Brazil and Russia. China will be permitted subject to some reciprocal conditions.

This decision is agreed upon by 27 member nations of the European Union plus four other nations in Europe’s visa-free Schengen travel.  UK which made an official exit from the EU on January 31, 2020 is also partaking in this decision to restrict entry to travelers from the US.

Not allowing US travelers is a decision that will be revisited in the next two weeks, subject to whether the US Covid curve can be flattened soon. Last week, the number of infected cases in the US soared back to what it was at its peak in April. 

When Can US Travelers Resume Travel To Europe?

Americans form a big percentage of tourists in Europe. This entry ban is for two weeks starting in July and will be revised depending upon the spread of the infection rate.

What Is ETIAS?

Coronavirus Travel: European Union Bans US Travelers

In order to be exempted from the entry ban, the United States have to fulfil the following criteria – 

  • The US should have a comparable per capita number of COVID-19 cases to those in the 31 European countries over the last 14 days;
  • The US should take several measures to decrease the number of infections;
  • EU will evaluate US’ efforts on virus testing, surveillance, standards in contact tracing and treatment;
  • The US should be able to project reliable data on its virus spread.

Who Is Exempted from The European Travel Ban

  • Non-EU citizens who are already living in Europe;
  • European citizens and their family members wanting to enter EU member nations;
  • Long-term EU residents who are not citizens of the bloc;
  • Travelers with “an essential function or need,” regardless of whether their country is on the safe list or not. 
  • Medical experts who happen to be US citizens.

Who Can Travel To Europe?

The approved countries have been selected on the basis of the reliability of their data, lower infection rates and reciprocity.

Travelers from the following countries can enter the EU member states –

SerbiaSan Marino Vatican City
New ZealandUruguayThailand
South KoreaRwandaTunisia

Where Can US Travelers Go To?

During the initial lockdown, several travelers were either frantically trying to get out and head back to their home country or got stranded unable to fly back. 

Now as international travel is slowly resuming for the summer, the following countries will allow US travelers to enter their country. Some continue to have restrictions like self-imposed 14-day quarantine to wearing masks in public.

You are advised to consult with the Embassy of your destination country before confirming travel plans.

Caribbean islandsTurkey
JamaicaFrench Polynesia
Dominican republicanSerbia

Potential Border Openings for US Travelers In the Near Future

  • Bali
  • Sri Lanka
  • Belize
  • Malta
  • Greece

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