US Visa Appointment Wait Times (Sept 2022)

The current visa appointment wait times are remarkably longer than ever before, causing many to cancel trip plans and wonder when they’ll get the chance to visit the U.S. The extreme wait times are affecting multiple nonimmigrant visa types – visitor visas are currently taking the longest to secure an appointment for, while student visas are in a near second and all other nonimmigrant visas following.

These unprecedented wait times for visitor visa appointments have reached an average of over one-and-a-half years for India, meaning the next visa appointment won’t be available until early-to-mid 2024. The U.S. State Department has expressed that they are prioritizing those who have previously had a nonimmigrant visa, meaning first time applicants will have to wait the longest. Efforts are under way by the U.S. State Department to hire more employees and speed up the process to decrease delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Current Visa Wait Times

US Visa Appointment Wait Times (Sept 2022)

*As of 3:15 pm, Aug 24, 2022

The estimated wait times for a visa interview appointment are constantly changing, so be sure to check the Visa Appointment Wait Times page regularly. These wait times don’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll receive an appointment within that amount of time, and are subject to availability.

Check back soon for an update on current nonimmigrant visa appointment wait times.

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