H1B Visa Updates for FY 2025: Registration Dates, Fee Changes, and Online Filing

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has unveiled crucial details for the H1B fiscal year (FY) 2025 season through an official press release. The announcement encompasses significant changes in registration dates, fees, the introduction of a novel lottery process, and the incorporation of online filing options for H1B petitions.

This article will serve as a guide for the 2025 H1B Visa Process by compiling all the updates for you, all in one place.

Registration Period Details for H1B FY 2025

The USCIS has officially declared the initiation of the H1B FY 2025 registration period. Spanning 16 days, from March 6th to March 22nd, 2024, this window allows employers to submit H1B Registrations for their applicants through the USCIS Online H1B Registration System. To complete the registration, employers must furnish the Passport or Travel Document information of the intended H1B applicants.

Significant Date Snapshot:

  • ​​H1B 2025 Registration Start Date: March 6th, 2024, 12PM EST
  • H1B 2025 Registration End Date: March 22nd, 2024, 12PM EST

New H1B Lottery Selection Process for FY 2025

A significant alteration comes in the form of a new H1B Lottery selection process, as outlined in a final rule published in the federal register. USCIS will now base H1B Lottery selection on the applicant’s unique passport or travel document information. This means, even if an applicant submits multiple H1B registrations due to multiple job offers, they will be counted only once based on their unique passport or travel document info.

Fee Changes for H1B FY 2025

While a final rule has been issued to change the fee for H1B Registration from $10 to $215, the effective date of April 1st, 2024, means that the new fee structure will not be applicable for the FY 2025 season. Consequently, the H1B registration fee for FY 2025 remains $10 per H1B Registration. The fee will increase to $215 for the H1B FY 2026 season and subsequent years.

Changes in H1B Petition Filing Fee and Premium Processing Fee

For the FY 2025 season, the H1B Petition filing fee, using Form I-129, increases from $460 to $780, with the fee remaining at $460 for small employers and non-profits. Additionally, the Premium Processing fee for H1B applicants, effective from February 26, 2024, sees an adjustment to $2,805.

Introduction of Online Filing Option

Post H1B lottery selection, USCIS has introduced an online filing option for Forms I-129 (used for H1B petition filing) and Form I-907 (used for requesting premium processing). This marks a departure from the traditional paper-based filing process, providing employers with a more streamlined approach.

Organizational Accounts for H1B Submissions

Aiming to enhance collaboration, USCIS is launching organizational accounts in their online system. This feature facilitates multiple individuals within a company and legal teams to collaborate on the submission of H1B registrations, petitions, or premium processing forms.

Why the New H1B Lottery Selection Process from FY 2025?

Recognizing the prevalence of fraud in the current H1B Lottery process, USCIS has implemented a final rule for the FY 2025 season. This beneficiary-centric selection process addresses concerns by grouping multiple registrations for the same applicant as one entry in the lottery. It also empowers USCIS to deny or revoke petitions in case of changes in applicant information or any fraudulent activities.

The final rule brings about flexibility in the start date for certain H1B cap-subject petitions, allowing employers to choose a date after October 1st of the applicable fiscal year. USCIS emphasizes that the H1B registration fee will stay at $10 for the FY 2025 season, and individuals with dual citizenship must use only one passport for their H1B registrations.

USCIS received 510 comments related to H1B registration, addressing them comprehensively in a 121-page document published on the Federal Register. Despite various suggestions and opposition, USCIS adheres to the proposed changes, emphasizing program integrity and combating fraud in the H1B Visa process.