Regular International Flights Between US and India Resume – Which Airlines, Flight Routes And Everything Else You Need To Know

Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation has announced that international flights between India and the United States plus France and Germany will begin with immediate effect.  Until pandemic conditions and relative fatalities are brought under control, only one-way tickets are being issued right now. India has crossed a historic 1 million infected cases of Coronavirus last weekend.

Bringing in additional people from outside into India without balancing it with the medical infrastructure within India can back-fire very quickly. Hence, the Aviation Ministry wants to resume international travel through air bubbles between India, and the US, France and Germany.

What Are International Travel Air Bubbles

These air bubbles have been finalized between India and the US, UAE, France & Germany to cater to the high travel demand created due to special conditions, in this case a pandemic. These travel arrangements between two countries are established with special safety conditions in place and the legal entry and exit regulations are previously established and approved by the airlines and governments of the two countries.

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What You Should Know Before You Book Your Flight To & From India

  • All Travelers have to have valid travel documents including visas, passport, and other travel documents required to enter and exit the country.
  • The onus of having the correct and valid travel paperwork is on the traveler. The airline is not responsible for lack of official travel documentation.
  • Without proper travel documents, the traveler will not be permitted to board the airplane. Only one-way tickets are being offered currently.
  • One meal is provided. 
  • Blankets may or may not be provided. You may carry your own.
  • All seats are booked to capacity. Travelers assigned the middle seat is given a mask.
  • Rest everyone is expected to carry their own masks and wear it throughout the flight. Some flights/routes offer a PPE kit with facemask and shield.
  • Everyone entering India will have to undergo a mandatory one-week quarantine.
  • Quarantine can be either in a government stipulated facility or observed as home quarantine.
  • This is determined by the officials at the arriving airports but paid for by the passenger should it not be at home.
  • They determine this based on factors including symptom checks, age of the traveler, total number of travelers within the group/family and how many people are residing in the travelers’ place of residence.
  • Asymptomatic travelers are dealt with case-by case.
  • Entry is restricted to Indian nationals and those with an Overseas Citizen of India or Person of Indian Origin card.
  • Certain non-Indian nationals may be eligible to travel but they need permission from the government of India.

Which Flights Are Available Between USA & India

So far and until August 31, 2020, the following flights are available and should be booked directly through the Airline or a verified travel agent – 

  • 18 United Airlines flights: Daily flights between New Delhi and Newark and thrice-weekly services between New Delhi and San Francisco
  • 18 Delta flights: Route to be confirmed directly by airline
  • 28 Air France flights: Delhi-Mumbai-Bangalore sector. Days of the flights are to be confirmed directly from the airline. Additional routes and dates are expected to be finalized shortly.
  • Lufthansa flights: Routes and dates are being finalized shortly.
  • 180 Vande Bharat Mission Flights: Continue repatriating passengers from US to India.