Revised Petition Forms Issued By USCIS For The New Public Charge Rule Starting Feb.24, 2020

For all immigrants and their dependents petitioning to come to the US for permanent residency, USCIS will now check to see if the petitioner is likely to access public cash assistance or depend on state institutions for long term care at the government’s expense and thus, become a ‘public charge’. If so, starting Feb. 24, 2020 petitioners with the potential to become a public charge will be inadmissible into the US.

Forms for Public Charge Rule

With this in view, USCIS has released newly revised forms that are to be used starting Feb 24, 2020 when the ruling goes into effect.

What Factors Are Considered to Assess an Alien Immigrant as ‘public charge’?

The ‘wealth test’ implemented by USCIS will assess the following before determining whether he will become dependent upon the US government for subsistence:

  • age
  • health
  • family status
  • assets
  • resources
  • financial status
  • education and
  • skills

No single factor, other than the lack of an affidavit of support, if required, will determine whether an individual is a public charge. If the visit is temporary and of non-immigrant nature, the visitor can be a self-sponsored during his visit to the US.

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