Expedited Screening for Approved TSA Pre-Check Travelers

TSA Pre-Check Covers 42 Carriers Now

Posted on November 01, 2017

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the United States has expanded its Pre-Check facility to include Cathay Pacific Airways, Contour Aviation, All Nippon Airways, Finnair and Korean Air. This brings the list of carriers to 42, both international as well as domestic and covering 200 airports.

The TSA’s Pre-check program allows for expedited security screenings at airports. Approved passengers can forego long lines standing in to get their carry-on baggage, shoes, personal electronic devices, belts and jackets, as well as all liquids inspected during security check. As a Pre-check traveler, security clearance is circumvented and you are passed through in a matter of a few minutes.

In order to get Pre-checked, a traveler needs to apply online for a fee of $85 that allows you this facility for a period of five years. The process of vetting, biometrics and approval takes a few weeks and should be done well in advance of your travel plans. Although, unlike Global Entry applicants, TSA Pre-Check approved travelers do not get a ID card or other credentials of sorts, their boarding pass comes automatically printed and embedded with a barcode that indicates eligibility to skip the long security clearances. Currently, there are more than five million members who are already a part of this program.

Department of Homeland Security also offers other programs such as Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection Program (Sentri), Global Entry and Nexus. Only US citizens, US Nationals and legal permanent residents are eligible for these and the TSA Pre-Check program. The Trusted Traveler Program gives more information on the various programs available to the efficient traveler.

Below is a list of other carriers who have partnered with TSA to offer expedited pre-checks for their passengers –

Aeromexico Contour Aviation Key Lime Air SunCountry Airlines
Air Canada Copa Airlines Korean Air SunWing Airlines
Alaska Airlines Delta Air Lines Lufthansa Swift Air
All Nippon Airways Dominican Wings Miami Air International Turkish Airlines
Allegiant Air Emirates OneJet United Airline
American Airlines Etihad Airways Seaborne Airlines Virgin America
Aruba Airlines Finnair Silver Airways Virgin Atlantic
Aviance Frontier Airlines Singapore Airlines WestJet
Boutique Airlines Hawaiian Airlines Southern Airway Express Xtra Airways
Cape Air InterCaribbean Airways Southwest Airlines
Cathay Pacific Airways JetBlue Airways Spirit Airlines
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