USCIS Issues Improvements for H-1B Cap Season

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced a series of enhancements to improve customer experience during the H-1B cap season. The upcoming measures are set to enhance efficiency and foster collaboration for organizations and their legal representatives.

Organizational Accounts for Increased Collaboration

USCIS is set to introduce organizational accounts for non-cap filings and the fiscal year (FY) 2025 H-1B cap season. This innovation will empower multiple individuals within an organization and their legal representatives to collaborate on and prepare H-1B registrations, Form I-129 (Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker), and associated Form I-907 (Request for Premium Processing Service).

Electronic Transformation of H-1B Lifecycle

With the launch of organizational accounts and online filing of Forms I-129 and I-907, USCIS is moving towards a fully electronic H-1B lifecycle. From registration to the final decision and transmission to the Department of State, the entire process will become digitized, enhancing efficiency and reducing paperwork.

Expected Launch Date and Benefits

The organizational accounts are scheduled to be launched in February 2024, followed by the online filing of Forms I-129 and I-907. These changes are anticipated to streamline the Form I-129 H-1B petition process, minimizing duplicate H-1B registrations and reducing common errors. USCIS aims to standardize processes and cut costs by transitioning the paper filing location for these forms from service centers to the USCIS lockbox.

National Engagements and Information Sessions

USCIS will host national engagements on organizational accounts on Jan. 23 and 24, along with smaller sessions leading up to the H-1B registration period. These engagements will guide organizations and legal representatives through the process, offering an opportunity to ask questions and prepare for the FY 2025 H-1B electronic registration process and online filing of Form I-129.

Transition to USCIS Lockbox

As part of efficiency measures, USCIS will shift the paper filing location for Forms I-129 and I-907 from service centers to the USCIS lockbox. This transition aligns with the agency’s commitment to standardizing processes and enhancing overall effectiveness.

Encouraging Participation

USCIS encourages all individuals involved in the H-1B registration and petition filing process to attend the national engagements and information sessions. Invitations for these events will be sent later this month, and interested parties can subscribe to notifications on the Contact Public Engagement page.

For More Information

For detailed information on eligible forms for online filing and further updates, individuals are encouraged to visit USCIS’s Forms Available to File Online page.