Green Card Interview Process

Some green card applicants filing Adjustment of Status, the final stage of applying for a green card, may be required to attend a green card interview, or adjustment of status interview. Adjustment of status is the process of filing for permanent residency from within the US and can be filed using Form I-485; applicants filing from outside the US must adjust their status to permanent resident through Consular Processing.
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Green Card Interview Overview

Applicants applying for Adjustment of Status will likely be required to attend an adjustment of status interview, or green card interview. USCIS holds the green card interview to confirm that the information you and your petitioner provide in your application is true. During the interview, the facts provided by you and your petitioner will be reviewed to check for fraudulent activity. The green card interview is typically not required of cases that do not require verification.

Family based green card petitions, especially those involving adjustment of status based on marriage, require you and your spouse to appear for a USCIS interview to verify that the marriage is genuine and does not involve fraud for the purpose of obtaining permanent resident status.

Green Card Interview Process

Green card interviews usually do not take longer than 15 to 20 minutes. Applicants who are scheduled for a USCIS adjustment of status interview must:

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early to the local USCIS office.
  • Dress appropriately. Unkempt clothes, flashy jewelry, controversial slogans and pictures should be avoided.
  • Review all paperwork, questions and answers, dates that mark important events, financial history and immigration history, if any, before the interview.
  • Note down any changes that need to be made and bring sufficient supporting documents to satisfy the change. Be sure to support the changes with proper explanation.
  • Check the information provided in the application and correct any information that is incorrect. If you have moved and haven’t changed your address, you may do so at this time.

The officer will verify the validity of your documents and your eligibility for adjustment of status. You will be called for your visa interview, where the interview officer will ask you to take an oath to speak the truth by raising your right hand. At this point, the officer will review your case and ask you questions regarding your case in order to confirm you are the person in the application.

Green Card Interview Interpreters

Applicants who do not speak fluent English or who are not comfortable speaking English must hire an interpreter for the interview. Interpreters are not provided at the USCIS office.

The interpreter must:

  • Be a US citizen or legal resident.
  • Be above 18 years of age.
  • Be fluent in English and your native language.
  • Be able to successfully translate information between English and your native language.

Many people decide not to bring an interpreter as they feel speaking in English will impress the officer. However, if applicants are not comfortable with English they might not be able to communicate properly with the officer. This might lead to a misunderstanding, and the officer might suspect you of providing false information.

Required Documents

When you attend your adjustment of status interview, you should bring along the following required documents.

  • Valid passport. Your passport should contain your nonimmigrant visa with which you entered the US.
  • Copy of visa petition.
  • Copy of adjustment of status application.
  • Advance parole permit, if you traveled outside the US.
  • Originals of documents submitted to the USCIS such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce papers etc.
  • Medical examination report.
  • If adjusting status through employment, an updated letter from your employer stating your employment and salary.
  • If adjusting status through marriage, copies as well as originals of documents showing joint bank accounts of husband and wife, joint rental lease, and birth certificates of children.
  • If adjusting status through family based petitions, proof showing relationship to the petitioner such as photographs, greeting cards, and invitation cards.

Green Card Interview Questions

Depending on your case, the following are possible adjustment of status interview questions that may be asked during your interview.

Family Based Petitions

  • How is the petitioner related to you?
  • What is the name and date of birth of the petitioner?
  • Where does the petitioner currently work?
  • What is the postal address of the petitioner?
  • When did you and the petitioner last meet?
  • How did the petitioner enter the US?
  • Where do you, the applicant currently work?
  • Where does the petitioners spouse currently work?
  • When did you last visit US?

Employment Based Petitions

  • What designation do you currently work under?
  • What are your qualifications?
  • Where did you previously work?
  • Who is your employer?
  • What is the current address of your employer?
  • What is the name of the company you intend to work for?
  • What are your future plans as a professional?

Marriage Based Petitions

  • When and where did you and your spouse first meet?
  • What date did you get married?
  • What day of the week was it?
  • How long have you known each other?
  • What was the location of your wedding?
  • Where do you currently live?
  • What is your spouse’s full name?
  • What is your spouse’s date of birth?
  • What city was your spouse born in?
  • Who does the most cooking?
  • Who wakes up first in the morning?

Questions vary depending on each individual case, so to be best prepared for your interview, review all your documents carefully and recall any important dates, events and information.

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