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If you want to add your spouse’s name in your passport, you will have to apply for a re-issue of your passport. In your online application for your passport, select the ‘Re-issue of Passport’ option in the ‘Service Desired’ dropdown menu.

File your online application here:

Download form here:

To learn about how to renew your passport, visit Indian Passport Renewal in USA.


– Have proof handy for your US home address.
– Barcode must appear on the top of printout.

Application & Document Submission

To add your spouse’s name in your passport, you may submit your documents to VFS Global in the following ways:

By Post/CourierMail your completed application, including your most recent passport used to complete Registration on Government and VFS Portal, photo, fees, and all requisite documents to the VFS office as stated in the application confirmation letter.
By AppointmentVisit the VFS Application Centre as per your scheduled date/time to submit your application & enroll biometrics (if applicable)

Before you submit your application:

  • Ensure that you have all the proper documentation required. You can find all required documents here.
  • Also, make sure you have already completed your online passport application.
  • Once you have completed your online passport application, register with VFS Global based on how you with be applying.
  • Pay your fees with VFS Global – fee information can be found here.

If you are filling out a paper application, please note the following:

  1. Fill out manually with black or blue pen from point No 7 to 29
  2. Specimen signature on the box to be signed by client on the first page and if it is minor applicant can write their name or thumb impression
  3. Point No 26 same as specimen signature (client signature)
  4. Point No 29 both boxes signed by client

Other documents you will need include:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Nationality Verification Form
  • Photocopy of first five and last 2 pages of passport
  • Notarized Photocopy of Proof of Valid Visa
  • Notarized Photocopy of Proof of Residence in US
  • Four recent color passport size 2 inches by 2 inches (2”x2”) photo 

Processing & Timing:

Below are the approximate processing times for adding your spouse’s name to an Indian Passport. The exact processing time depends on factors such as; the city the application was submitted in, in which city or country was the previous/old passport issued, your current passport status, etc.

  • The consular officer can schedule a personal appointment at any time.
  • The consular officer can ask for additional and original documents at any stage.
  • The processing timings can vary from time to time.
  • The processing timing does not apply to services with prior approvals. It would be in weeks or months.

Processing time for VFS Global is 3 weeks once the application reaches to the Consulate/Embassy.

Fees for Additional Spouse Name on an Indian Passport

*Payments must be made online by credit card

Your Fees include:

A(Consular Fee)Passport FeesAs per adult/minor and applicable category
ICWF – Indian Community Welfare Fund$2
B(VFS Fee)VFS Fee$15.90 per application
Optional FeeCourier Service, text message, etc.
Total Payment A+B


  • Online payment/payment by card charges a convenience fee @3.5% will be charged on the total payment.
  • Mastercard and Visa only
  • If paying by Money order or Banker or Cashier check, then it should be made in favor of “VFS Services (USA) Inc.

Application Rejections:
The Consulate returns the applications, if the application is

  1. Demand draft
  2. Lacking supporting documents; and/or
  3. Has been mailed with inadequate fee; and/or
  4. Has other deficiencies

Tatkal Service: 

The Tatkal Passport is also known as expedited passports or emergency passports. Tatkal service facilitates and issues a passport quicker than the normal procedure, under situation of emergency.

  1. Normal processing time is 3 to 4 business days (excluding VFS’s processing time), if the Police Verification Report (PVR) is clear and all documents submitted are in order.
  2. Additional Tatkal Fee must be paid.


The nature of emergency must be proved.
Tatkal ServicePassport FeeTaktal FeeICWFVFS FeeTotal
Addition of spouse name after marriage
Deletion of spouse name after death/divorce
$75 –
Ordinary Booklet- 36 Pages
Addition of spouse name after marriage
Deletion of spouse name after death/divorce
$100 –
Jumbo Booklet – 60 Pages


  • The mode of shipment for Taktal applications is shipping. It is recommended that you purchase your shipment through VFS for tracking and convenience.
  • The courier address page will appear as a part of the Tatkal Application process on the VFS website

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