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You can track your Indian Passport Application status via the VFS Global online portal if:

  • You have submitted your passport application at a VFS Indian Consular Application Centre on or after November 4, 2020.
  • Your application has been review and processed on the VFS system
  • You haven’t yet receive any updates via email or text message regarding the status of your application within 7 days of it being received at the VFS center

You can track the status of your passport application here: Track Your Indian Passport Application

  • You will need your government reference no. also known as ARN (Application Reference Number) or File number or Application ID along with the date of birth of the applicant.

Processing of Indian Passport Application

The processing for a new, renewal, re-issue, or correction of Indian passport can take anywhere between 1-6 weeks depending on various factors like jurisdiction of the applicant, whether the case is referred for clearance, incorrect application, time taken by courier, and so on. Lost/damaged passports may take 2-3 weeks more than the regular processing time.

Learn more about the Indian Passport Application Process.


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