Emergency Travel Document for Indian Citizens

Emergency certificate or Emergency Travel Passport can be issued to citizens of India who have the need to visit India urgently. It is a one-way travel document. This document is issued to the applicants who do not have a valid passport. This is applicable for applicants whose passports might have been lost, stolen, or damaged and for whom new passports cannot be issued without approval from India which is a long process.
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The process to acquire the emergency travel document is:

  • Follow the procedure for issue of  a new passport
  • Visit the Embassy/ Consulate with the required the application and supporting documents.
  • Meet the consular officer for a personal interview. The consular officer’s decision will be final.

Request for emergency document cannot be sent by post. CKGS application center does not process Emergency Travel Documents. The applicant has to appear in person at an Embassy/Consulate.

If you are having to travel on an emergency, make sure you are protected by travel medical insuranc

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