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PIO Card scheme has been withdrawn and is now merged with OCI Card scheme. Applicants may only apply for an OCI Card.

December 31, 2017 is the last day applicants may apply for an OCI card in lieu of PIO card. After September 30, 2019, traveling with a PIO card will be deemed invalid. So, ensure you apply for an OCI card in lieu of a PIO card as soon as possible.

How to Apply for a PIO Card in USA

Only visa applications can be submitted by 3rd party persons. PIO applications must be submitted by the applicant themselves. There are 2 ways in which you can apply for a PIO application: in person or by post. An appointment is required for the PIO card application and the applicants are required to be at the VFS Application Centre at the time of appointment if they plan to apply in person. If you are applying in person, make an appointment at your nearest VFS Application Centre, and bring all necessary documents including photographs, application form, and the required fees.
If applying by mail, certain things need to be taken into consideration:

  • If you are applying for PIO and Renunciation together, send the documents in one single envelope.
  • Include a copy of the order form inside the envelope.
  • Send a printed shipping label along with a copy if applying by post. The shipping label is generated via email after you fill out the online order form.
  • Include a return shipping label in the envelope for proper return of documents.
  • A self-addressed traceable return envelope must be submitted with the application. Choose a return service like FedEx or UPS where you can track the package with the important documents inside it.
  • The address given on the return envelope must be the same as given in the application as proof of address.
  • Mention a valid email and phone number, preferably mobile, in the application.
  • Postal applicants have to specify the name of the department outside the envelope. For example, Visa, PIO, OCI etc.
  • The fee for postal application cannot be paid in cash.

Tips to Fill PIO Card Application Form

Some tips to help you fill the PIO application form are:

  • Avoid any mistakes and use capital letters.
  • Don’t overwrite.
  • Do not use pencils or ink pen to fill the forms. Use blue or black ball pen only.
  • Leave one box blank after each completed word.
  • Don’t touch the boundaries of boxes while filling the form.

How to Apply for Duplicate PIO Card?

In case the PIO card is lost/stolen/damaged you have to apply for a duplicate PIO card. The process and documents required are the same as applying for a new PIO card. Additional documents required in case the PIO card is lost or stolen are:

  • Police report: You have to immediately report to the nearest Police Station about the lost/stolen PIO card and submit a detailed police report about the card.
  • Signed statement about how the card was lost.
  • Copy of lost PIO card.
  • In serial no. 27 of the form write “unknown” if you do not have the details of the lost PIO card.

In case of damaged PIO card the documents required are:

  • Original damaged PIO card.
  • Copy of the PIO card in its original undamaged condition.
  • A signed statement stating how the PIO card was damaged.

For Minors:

  • If the parents are Naturalized copies of their US passports are required. Copies of the information page that contains picture and basic details of the passport and copies of endorsement/amendment pages are required. In passports that end with 24 pages copies of pages 22, 23, and 24 are required. In copies that end with 28 pages copies of pages 25, 26, and 27 are required.
  • If the minor applicants old PIO card was issued before 1st of June, 2010 then copies of the parents’ Indian passports are required if they are still citizens. Or their renunciation certificate or cancelled Indian Passport are required if they are Naturalized Citizens.


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