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Premium Processing Service

Premium Processing Service is a service provided by USCIS that guarantees expedited visa processing for certain employment-based visa petitions. Employers can request premium processing for their employees’ petitions by filing Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service. USCIS guarantees that the petition will be processed within 15 days or will return the petitioner’s filing fee.

Only the petitioning employer or business can apply for premium processing service; the employee may not apply. To request premium processing for US visa, your employer must complete Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing, and pay the $1,440 filing fee.

Where to File for Premium Processing

To file for premium processing, your employer must complete and submit Form I-907 to the appropriate service center based on your region and whether you are requesting premium processing for Form I-129 or Form I-140. The service center addresses are listed on the I-907 form.

Your employer may also be eligible to file for premium processing electronically. Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service, may be e-filed if:

  • You have a pending Form I-129 and want to upgrade to premium processing; and
  • You fall under one of the following visa categories: E1, E2, H1B, H3, L1, O1, O2, P1, P1S, P2, P3, Q1, or TN.

The 15-day processing period will begin when USCIS identifies your request for premium processing.

If your submit Form I-907 to the incorrect service center, USCIS will forward your application to the correct center. However, keep in mind that in this case the 15-day processing period will not begin until your premium processing application is received at the correct service center.

Premium Processing Fees

The filing fees for premium processing service amount to $1,440 and should be made to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security” by check, or credit card if filing online. The premium processing fee is fixed and cannot be waived for any reason. However, if USCIS is unable to complete the processing within 15 days, the entire fee will be refunded.

Petitions Eligible for Premium Processing

Premium processing service is available for Form I-129 and Form I-140. The following nonimmigrant visa categories are eligible to file for premium processing.

  • Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker
  • E-1 Treaty Trader
  • E-2 Treaty Investor
  • H-1B Temporary Worker in Specialty Occupation
  • H-2B Temporary Worker performing nonagricultural services
  • H-3 Trainee
  • L-1A Intracompany Transferee, Manager or Executive
  • L-1B Intracompany Transferee, Specialized Knowledge Professional
  • LZ (Blanket L-1)
  • O-1 and O-2 Aliens of Extraordinary Ability or Achievement
  • P-1, P-2, and P-3 Athletes and Entertainers
  • Q-1 International Cultural Exchange Aliens
  • R-1 Temporary Workers in Religious Occupations
  • TN-1 and TN-2 NAFTA Professionals
  • Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker
  • EB-1, Aliens of Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Professors and Researchers, and Multinational Executives and Managers
  • EB-2, Professionals with Advanced Degrees
  • EB-3, Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Other Workers

Premium Processing FAQs

Is there any other way to get expedited processing besides the premium service?

Yes, the USCIS allows for expedited processing under the following circumstances:

  • Severe financial loss to a company or individual,
  • Extreme emergent situation,
  • Humanitarian situation,
  • Department of Defense or national interest situation, or
  • INS error.

Does premium processing affect cap-subject petitions?

Persons filing cap-subject petitions such as H1B visa may file for premium processing, but requesting premium processing does not mean that USCIS will give preferential treatment to those applicants. H1B applicants are still subject to the H1B lottery.

Can you e-file premium processing?

Yes, an employer is eligible for e-filing premium processing if:

  • The applicant has a pending Form I-129 and wants to upgrade to an expedited service; and
  • The applicant belongs to one of the following categories: E1, E2, H1B, H3, L1, O1, O2, P1, P1S, P2, P3, Q1, or TN.

How long does premium processing take?

Once USCIS receives your I-907 application, the petition will be processed within 15 days, guaranteed, give that:

  • Your Form I-907 is signed by the beneficiary or legal representative, depending on the case, and is submitted to the correct Service Center; and
  • Your particular I-129 or I-140 application is eligible for premium processing.

Does Premium Processing Service affect previously expedited practices?

The short answer is yes. Services that can now be provided under the premium processing program are no longer eligible for discretionary expedited requests, with the exception of not for profit organizations designated as such by the United States Internal Revenue Agency, which may continue to apply for discretionary expedited service.

For further information about premium processing for your type of petition, read the specific details and FAQs about I-140 Premium Processing and H1B Premium Processing.



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