Security Regulations at the US Consulate or Embassy

When attending a US visa interview at a US Embassy or Consulate, there are certain security regulations that you should be aware of before your visit.
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The US Embassies and Consulates across India expect US visa applicants to follow strict security measures while visiting the consulate facilities. 

All visits are made through appointment only – no walk-ins are allowed. There are no information windows for walk-in visitors at the consulates and embassies due to security reasons. Remember, only the visa applicant is allowed to enter the consulate, so it is recommended to leave family members at home or to make arrangements for those in your care.

A thorough security check of the applicant will be conducted by the security personnel at the consulate or embassy and OFCs. The consulate recommends to carry your application documents in an unsealed plastic bag.

When visiting the consulate, there are certain items that are prohibited. There are no lockers provided outside any of the consulate and OFCs for any prohibited items that you bring along with you, so plan accordingly.

Below is the list of prohibited items not to carry with you for your visa appointment at an OFC or the consulate.

  1. Electronic Items: No battery-operated items like tablets, mobile phones, music players, bluetooth devices, laptop, digital diaries, digital watches, cameras, CDs, flash drives, memory sticks, radios or remote car keys (fob keys) are allowed.
  2. Food & Drinks: No food items are allowed. Even sealed and ready-made bags of snacks, such as potato chips, are not allowed in the facility. No beverages of any kind, including water and soda, are allowed. Water will be available inside the facility.
  3. Bags: Big bags, large shoulder bags for ladies, suitcases, briefcases, purses, diaper bags, etc. are not allowed.
  4. Sealed Envelope or Packages: No sealed envelopes or packages are allowed inside the embassy. You will be only allowed to carry a sealed medical report if you are applying for an immigration visa.
  5. Flammable Items: No flammable materials such as lighters, cigarettes, matchboxes, cigars, etc. are permitted.
  6. Tools: No sharp tools of any kind are permitted including pen knives, scissors, nail-cutters, Swiss army knives, nail files, etc.
  7. Weapons: No weapons or explosive materials are allowed.
  8. Umbrella: Large umbrellas are not allowed inside the consulate. Only 1 foot long umbrellas are allowed.
  9. Personal care: Perfumes, colognes, body powders, toiletries are not allowed as well.

This is not an exhaustive list. Other items can be prohibited at the discretion of security staff at the US Consulate. Please contact your consulate or visit their website prior to your arrival to ensure you do not bring any prohibited items with you to your appointment.


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