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For a basic travel medical insurance that allows you to visit any doctor or hospital, ChoiceAmerica is one of the most sort after and best options out there. It is low cost and has a pre-defined limit for each medical service that takes out the guess work out of the equation. Since it is a limited coverage plan, it covers certain treatments and procedures up to a specified amount. Although this plan is not available to US citizens or residents, it does cover amusement parks and cruises in both North and South America.


ChoiceAmerica plan provides coverage in USA, Mexico and Canada for non-US citizens and residents.

Plan Review: Choice America

Plan Highlights

Providing coverage from 5 days to 12 months, ChoiceAmerica is a low-cost plan. Among other limited coverage plans, ChoiceAmerica has the highest policy maximum available for senior travelers up to 79 years of age. This ensures that travelers seeking a limited coverage plan can worry less with a higher policy maximum. While it has limited pre-existing condition coverage, it does cover border entry denial, adventure sports and amusement park injuries and loss of passport and essential travel documents.

How Does ChoiceAmerica Work?

ChoiceAmerica is a fixed dollar based limited coverage plan. The plan pays a pre-defined fixed dollar amount for every service or treatment. Within the PPO Network and Internationally Outside USA, the plan pays 100% up to the policy maximum after the deductible is met by the insured person. Outside the PPO network:After the deductible, the plan pays a certain percentage and then 100% up to the policy maximum. Any amount above the policy maximum is the insured persons responsibility.

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Choice America is suitable for most travelers and non-US citizens traveling to the US. To learn specific details regarding eligibility and limitations, speak with a travel insurance consultant at VisitorsCoverage.


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