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Visa Application Pending Administrative Processing

For US consulate Chennai (India)

At the time of the interview an applicant who has been refused or pending administrative processing would have received either a pink handout or a blue handout from the Consular officer. If you received a PINK handout please click here. If you received BLUE handouts please read the following paragraph and follow the instructions given therein.

Blue Handout Cases: The Consular Officer would have given the applicant a blue handout seeking additional information or stating that further additional processing would be required. These cases do not fall within the category of cases which are listed on this website. In such cases the American Consulate, Chennai will get in touch with the applicant in due course as and when further action is required from the applicant. Specific instructions will be sent on a case by case basis. If your case falls within this category, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT the Consulate regarding the status of your case.

Pink Handout Cases: If you received a pink handout at the time of your interview, you can check the status of your case below.

The case list below is updated regularly to show the cases that have been processed. A case will have only one of three remarks Pending process or Contact the Consulate or Send Passport.

Details about the remarks are given below:

Pending process: Your case is still pending administrative processing. Consulate can not issue the visa prior to completing this processing. Consulate can not waive this processing for any applicant. This is not a matter of missing documents and is in no way related to the number of times an individual may have been able to obtain visas or enter the U.S. in the past. If your case is Pending Process, please DO NOT contact the Consulate or you may risk delaying the administrative processing of your visa.

Contact Consulate: Your case has been processed and the Consulate needs additional information from you to process the case to completion. Please e-mail Chennai consulate at [email protected] . In the subject line of your email indicate your case number and the remark Contact American Consulate, Chennai. Sample text could be: The remarks against my case number on the website indicate Contact Consulate”. Please let me know the documents I need to submit in order to further pursue my application.

Send Passport & DD: Each case will have specific instructions about the documents that an applicant is required to send.

  • Please take the pink 221g letter with you while submitting your documents at the VFS office if you are submitting it in person. If you are mailing it to VFS, attach a copy of your pink 221g letter.
  • Send in all necessary documents marked Attention: CHENNAISAO using VFS Services, Tel: 044-42316767, The service fee of Rs.155/= per passport (inclusive taxes) is payable in cash or by DD/HDFC Bank Check favoring HDFC Bank a/c VFS.
  • If you’ve been asked to send an itinerary with the passport, please attach proof that your travel plans are still valid and necessary.


  • F1: Please submit a Valid I-20 with a fresh reporting date or a letter from the school specifying the date that you can report for the same program.
  • J-1: Please submit DS-2019 with a valid start date or a letter from sponsoring organization specifying the date that you can report for the same program.
  • If additional information has been asked from you: Please send curriculum and name of Professor you will be working under at the school.

These are in the nature of general guidelines. Please be advised that applicants need to submit their passports, demand drafts and all other additional documents as specified/ necessary.

Information on this page is specific to Chennai US consulate, which is subject to change as and when the consulate change the process.

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