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I want to go for business purpose? what’s the process to get the Business Visa to USA?

If your company is financing your visit, carry relevant proof of the same. If the company is new or unknown, you must carry documents about your company, any brochure, Paper Ad cutting etc as proof of the nature of you company business, financial strength, tax papers etc . it will be helpful to carry tax records of the company for the last 3 years.

I am a small business owner and want to visit USA to meet a client? Can I qualify for Business visa?

Yes you can get a Business visa.

What are strong ties?

Strong ties differ from country to country, city to city, individual to individual. “Ties” are the various aspects of a person’s life that bind them to their country or residence: possessions, employment, social and family relationships. Some examples of ties can be a person’s job and income, a house or apartment, a car, close family relationships, bank accounts, etc. Consular officers are trained to look at each application individually and consider professional, social, cultural and other factors. With younger applicants who may not have had an opportunity to form many ties, consular officers may look at the applicant’s specific intentions, family situations and long-range plans and prospects within his or her country of residence. Each case is examined individually and is accorded every consideration under the law.

Should I use a travel agent or other advisor to help me apply?

The matter is a personal decision for each applicant. However, in most cases it is not necessary for applicants hire a travel agent to assist with a visa application. Travel agents will often charge to fill out forms which are available for free. They also charge large sums on the promise of enabling the traveler to bypass the visa interview. Our experience shows that many applicants are coached by intermediaries to provide answers which are misleading. While the truthful answer would not have harmed the application, the discovery of a misleading answer often jeopardize the visa grant and have negative impact on future attempts.

I currently have a valid US visa. Do I need to take fingerprint at US consulate before I travel to the United States?

No. Any existing valid visa holder do not need to come to consulate, Their visa is good to travel to USA. The finger print will be done as USA Port of entry.

Can I convert a tourist(B1/B2) visa to a working visa?If yes how ?

If you enter into USA on a B1/B2 visa you may change status to a non-immigrant visa status depends if you qualify and find a employer who can sponsor and process a working visa for you. Example You can change status from B1/B2 to H1 work visa.
If you entered into USA on a Visa Waiver basis, You can not change status.
With the visa waiver, there is no way you can change to *any* other status (except for “spouse of US citizen”). You would have to leave the USA before your 90 days are up.

FAQ related to Application form:

What should I write in the ‘National Identification Number’ in Form-156?

Indian citizen may, leave it blank.

What address do I mention on form DS-156, if my current home address and my address on the passport is not the same?

You must mention your current home address of India and not the address noted in your passport.

Do I need to have a specific trip planned in order to apply for a visa?

You may apply for a visa even if you simply wish to have the option to make a trip at some point in the future.

What is the difference in single entry and multiple entry visa?

Single Entry Visa is good for one time entry in USA. Multiple Visa Entry visa allows a person to go and come back to USA on the same visa based on permissible time frame.

If I get 10 years Visa can i stay in USA for 10 years?

No. the 10 years means the visa is good for 10 years, but each visit stay will be determine and govern by the I-94, at the Port of Entry in USA and generally can not be more then Six months

Can I get extension for my visa while in USA?

Yes! check this URL

I have a Valid Visa Stamped on my Passport, but my passport is expired, if I get a new passport Do i need a new Visa Stamp as well?

No, just carry the old passport along. Unless previously canceled, a visa is valid until its expiration date. Therefore, if the traveler has a valid U.S. visitor visa in an expired passport, he or she may use it along with a new valid passport for travel and admission to the United States

Can a visitor,travel to other countries from USA?

[Most of visitor wish to travel to CANADA etc, from USA, can they do that?]

Yes you can. YOU have to have a VISA for this country as well. ALSO if you want to enter back to USA, you should have Multiple entry visa. So request for a multiple entry tourist VISA, and check for this option on your visa. Generally all 10yrs visa are multiple entry visa.And 6 months visas are single entry visa.
If you get a 6 months, check whether its a Multiple entry visa or not.

How to check for this option?

On you Visa Stamp, you can see a “M” mark for multiple entry validity.
How to get? Taking this visa it from your home country is always better.
Where to get it? Go to the consulate for that country and apply for their visitor visa.



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