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One of the procedures when adjusting your status from a non-immigrant visa to legal permanent resident is to get yourself examined by a civil surgeon approved by the USCIS. The purpose of this exam is to determine the prevalence of any inadmissible public health issue in the petitioner. You can find a USCIS approved doctor from your area online, or you can contact the USCIS National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 to find an approved civil surgeon in your area. The doctor then has to report the results of this medical examination in Form I-639 and seal it in an envelope.

It is the responsibility of the petitioner to ensure this form I-639 is properly submitted to USCIS. Usually instructions will be included with the application form. This can be done is the following ways –

  • In person – If an interview is required for your specific case, take the sealed envelope along.
  • Mail it along with Form I-485 – There will be a location specified on Form I-485 where it should be mailed to. Form I-639 can be mailed along with it.
  • Mailed after Form I-485 – If you have already submitted your adjustment of status paperwork, the Form I-639 can be mailed to the location mentioned in your last communique with USCIS.

Things to Remember When Submitting Form I-639

You must carry your passport (or other form of photo identification) and your medical and vaccination history.

To keep the results of the examination current, have it performed as close to date of filing Adjustment of Status, Form I-485.

The medical examiner will charge a fee for this procedure. It is the applicant’s responsibility to pay all required fees. It may vary with each physician. USCIS does not regulate this fee.The medical exam may be accompanied by additional testing, lab work, etc.Ensure the designated civil surgeon is using the latest version of the Form I-639.

The civil surgeon will record the results of the examination on Form I-693 and place in a sealed envelope which should be submitted to USCIS along with I-485 application.

If a condition is diagnosed which makes you inadmissible, depending upon the condition, you may have the chance to get it rectified and applying again.



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