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Understand what you need to know:

  • Go through the offer letter thoroughly. Make sure that you understand everything about your job offer. Don’t hesitate to confirm anything you are confused about.
  • Don’t get carried away with verbal assurances, make sure all the promises are in writing. Once you land in USA and sign the employment agreement, employer may refuse to provide these benefits.
  • Don’t ever give your original passport.
  • Don’t ever submit any of your original mark list or any degree certificates.
  • Don’t submit your original H1 approval/I-94 to your employer.
  • If you are asked to sign any agreement, ask for the copy of the agreement. Read carefully before you sign.
  • There is no legal term/policy such as bench period. You should be paid from the day one, whether you are in assignment or not.
    ** Make sure there is no such catch in your offer letter or in the employment agreement.
  • Normally following basic benefits should be given to you:

    • Relocation Expenses.(Visa, Travel ticket, Initial accommodation, and Local travel expenses.)
    • Complete Medical coverage or Health insurance. (Dental, Vision and Disability coverage.)
    • Full salary, whether or not on a project.
    • Initial accommodation in USA.
  • Ask for the written copy of the employment policy(HR policy). Most of the companies never give full details about any policy. Understand your rights. Don’t reply on verbal agreements.


Few companies do not pay relocation expenses for the family.

Medical/Health Insurance:

  • Medical/Health Insurance is must for everybody in USA.
    ** Remember, without health insurance one cannot afford any medical facilities in USA.
  • Make sure health insurance covers all your family members, right from the first day in USA.
  • Find out the details about coverage, co-payments etc. Make sure that health insurance includes dental and vision coverage.

Not to Do?

  • Passport is an important document, don’t give it to anybody.
  • Don’t give your original H1 approval/I-94 to your employer.
  • Don’t give your original SSN card.
  • Don’t ever give any of your original marklist or any degree certificates.

Ask for

  • Your pay stubs
  • W2-form. (A document which shows records about the tax you paid.)
  • Medical insurance and details.
  • Your salary appraisal on due dates.


Few companies do not pay full coverage for the family.

What to do if not being paid?

Communicate with your employer, and ask for the reasons. Discuss with your friends. In extreme cases you may complaint to The Department of Labor (

What to do if the former employer is refusing to provide W2 form?

Complaint to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS)



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