H4 Visa Interview Questions

H4 visa holders are dependents of H1B workers. Although H4 dependents may attend school in the US and even work in the US as per the new H4 EAD rule, there may be other reasons for which these dependents seek H4 to H1B change of status.
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Following are some sample questions that can be asked at the H4 Visa Interview. These questions are compiled from experiences shared by people on the discussion forum. Since each case is different, you must prepare accordingly. There is bound to be variations in the line of questioning during your interview. However, there are some questions that are almost always asked during the interview. The series varies with each case.
Although comprehensive, please use this list of H4 Visa Interview questions only as a guideline and not the only source of information.

Questions about the H4 and H1B Visa

  • What type/kind of visa are you applying for?
  • When did your husband get his stamping?
  • Why do you need a visa to U.S.?
  • If you didn’t go for the H4 interview with your spouse’s H1B visa appt: Why did you not come with your husband for the interview?
  • If going after spouse has left to U.S.: Why did you not leave with your spouse or why are you coming today for visa when you got married earlier (or on so and so date)?
  • Who filed the visa application and where did you file it?
  • Who made the interview appointment?
  • How did you receive the documents?
  • I see that you have been rejected earlier, do you know why? (Possible question, if you have been rejected before)

Questions about Your Marriage

  • When did you get married or what is your date of marriage?
  • Did you have an arranged or love marriage?
  • When did you meet your spouse for the first time?
  • How did you meet your spouse?
  • Who arranged this marriage or how did you get this proposal?
  • Where did you get married?
  • Is your marriage registered?
  • Can I see some wedding photographs?

Questions about You

  • Where are you staying currently?
  • Who are you staying with?
  • Where will you stay in U.S.?
  • Who will bear the expenses while you are in U.S. or who will financially support you in the US?
  • Who will pay for your trip to the US?
  • Do any of your relatives/friends live in U.S.?

Questions about Your H1B Spouse

  • What is your spouse’s date of birth?
  • Which university did your spouse graduate from?
  • What is your spouse’s highest degree?
  • Which company does your spouse work for?
  • Who is sponsoring in your spouse’s H1?
  • Where is his employer located?
  • Where are his clients located?
  • What kind of work does your spouse do at the U.S. Company?
  • How long has your spouse been in U.S.?
  • How long has your spouse been working for the sponsoring company?
  • What will you do after your visa is completed/expired?
  • How much he is earning or what is the pay of your spouse or what is the annual income of your spouse?
  • Can I see some pay stubs from your spouse’s paycheck?
  • Can I have a look at your spouse’s bank statements?
  • Have your spouse applied for green card?
  • Can you please show me your tax returns, bank statements, play slips, etc.?


  • Keep a copy of all your documents.
  • Answer all questions clearly during the interview.
  • Do not stumble on words or look nervous. Do not double talk. The interviewer will immediately know that you are misrepresenting information.
  • Upon receiving your visa, carefully check for any kind of mistakes like name, date of birth, type of visa, validity date, etc.

If you want to learn more about the H4 visa process, please read more information on our website. Feel free to ask questions on the path2usa forums as well.

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